Brain ‘The Word’

Before I begin to express some of my thoughts, it’s good to be back in this world where I can express my thoughts and you can maybe accede with me.

‘Brain’ a word that is obviously a biological term but it is often a psychological term as well. Sometimes though the brain doesn’t act as a biological part of us humans. It often acts as a pop up sometimes. A pop up which you can’t ignore.

We all end up in a physiological state where everything tends to be wrong. While the nights should have been calm and breezy. They end up being an overstatement for us. Things just dont work. Eyes just wait eagerly to get some minor error in everything.

In these phases the brain is an enemy as well as a mediator between a part of it and us. Isn’t it beautiful how good brain is. I often do think it that way too. I’ll let you guess the part of it.

When you get into a mode where you are feeling bad, a flashback appears too, acting as an recap of your same situation, maybe of season 1 and season 2 to be sarcastic. Nostalgia, moments of good times and magic suddenly turn out to be a reason to be angry right now. Exactly when you fee “uhh season 2 was better”. Well It’s just episode 1.

These moments cause huge pain to your physical activity too. Don’t believe me?. Well think about the time when you were just walking on a rainy day and your umbrella just gets folded to the other side and at that same time strangely a car has to pass to. Ughhhh ya I can feel ya. Exactly same does your physical state when u go through such phases. Skin doesn’t seem good. Your “Chhhh” increases and well sometimes you loose your mind. But don’t worry we all are on same boat and you aren’t the only one.

Brain – A Cacophony Of Thoughts

A reason to write this blog was not to give you and example of that phase from my life because if I do so , I’ll be unsuccessful as a human. I write this to remind you of how you aren’t alone . We all have chhh moments. We all have days we struggle, we just can’t get up. But believe me the one who can fight alone in this World shall be deemed to be called a hero. A hero your brain will remember and maybe next time use it as a best flashback form season 3, episode 1.

You can always use this quote,

“There is always a fine road coming up even th you are on an uneven one”.

There will come the town where you will just see happiness and be avid to enjoy it thoroughly.

I have written it in such way so you can be reminded of your bad phases an also about how you changed it. As I say you can’t find a good pepperoni pizza if you haven’t tasted the worst one. On this note I’m gonna fetch a burger.(” Not a pizza fanatic”).

Jamie was a boy who lived in a village called as ‘Greenville’.He was brought up in the same village and was youngest among his 2 other brothers.Many people in school described him as a weirdo,bizarre or a cranky kind of a person. He was called a b bizarre and a cranky guy because of his love for nature.While in class, jamie used to just observe the the frog and his movement down and up on the tree and in water.He was happy when he could see a rabbit happy and he got even more happier when he could see the birds chirp.

At that moment his life revolved around creatures and the nature which included the trees,forest, and he use to like the breeze during monsoon.

While other boys were interested in new gadgets that were around in the shop and also showed some interest in utility of those , jamie was around in his house in the 5th street helping his mom in the garden to water the plants and trim the grass.

Jamie was a person who had one thing rightly struck in his mind “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you”. Greenville always had a festival on ‘go green day’ and Jamie was always right up for the duty assigned to him.In this years green day the motto was “Stay green because nature always stands besides yoU”.

Jamie being a aesthetic person towards nature.Days passed and nature was deteriorating and Jamie seeing the behaviour of people towards nature was tensed and worried about the consequences.He knew someone needs to step-up and do the job of making people aware about how nature has two sides. According to him nature was like a good person, if u support him and be friendly he is beneficial for you but if you don’t follow him he has bad sides too.He stepped up and formed the organization called ‘Greenville environmental organization’.Even though the organization was small and limited to Greenville he worked hard to spread it through other other villages like Aston,Doncaster and Kent.

He aligned himself with a group of 20 people and started the campaign of ‘Nature is a person too’.Running off the campaign he gathered some school students, colleagues,graduates, and some farmers.The organization started planting more trees and also reserving the animals in their natural habitat. The perfect combination of people allowed the organization to build up a office of its own in a small street near the forest area and jungle.Gathering more and more people Jamie got support through the government and government helped them by providing some incentives and other support materials.Sooner when the city of Winston which had Greenville as its village was hit by strong thunderstorm the increased number of trees provided support to people and more and more food materials during difficulty.Greenville and its surrounding villages were not much strongly effected because of the awareness created by Jamie Callagher .His work and dignity towards nature and other environmental activities was seen and soon the movement reached much more further.

The moral here is that “WHEN NO ONE IS BESIDES YOU NATURES STANDS BESIDES”.So support nature and go green.

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“Wishing Every Reader A cherished and Joyful New Year.”🫶❤️💌

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