Before I begin to express some of my thoughts, it’s good to be back in this world where I can express my thoughts and you can maybe accede with me. ‘Brain’ a word that is obviously a biological term but it is often a psychological term as well. Sometimes though the brain doesn’t act as […]

Sci-Fi Fuel

The Alternate Timeline series highlighting news from the realms of science, tech, history, and pop culture that will help fuel your imagination. It’s nothing fancy. I just happen to read a lot of headlines and articles to spark ideas for my own work, and in doing so, I often wish there was a space for all […]

Narcissist : A Conversation With Myself

IMAGINATION and REALITY In this absurd world, in the adversity that we survive in, finding the moments that momentarily make me imagine situations in alternate circumstances or alternate reality are the ones that define me and the friend I speak to within myself. In my everyday life, I encounter a lot of people, with different […]

Urbanist : Serenity In Inside World

The urban state of being refers to the intangible vibe of a city; the moods, the mindsets and the meanings that emerge from the connections and interactions we have with each other and place. It informs everything; how we treat each other, interact and collaborate, how we govern, what we tolerate and protect, grow, design, […]

Wandering- Being My Audience

Beautiful things of the past, make me wander around the streets to look for the things I saw within me a few years or decades back. I believe we are stuck in a timeline that we do not want to leave but regretfully have to due to our imaginative needs of watching life grow and […]


Chronicling the careers of Lionel Messi and Rafael Nadal The last 20 years have been the worst to be good on clay, because it necessarily meant having to face Nadal. His domination, season after season, has made it impossible for other players to win the Parisian trophy. Only Björn Borg in the 1970s ever came […]

Taking The Space

On Believing One of the most difficult thing to do as a human being, according to me, is ‘to believe’. To believe someone loves you, to believe you will excel in your career, to believe your family is a tad bit better than what you thought it was or to just purely believe you’re at […]

Tailored Crime

My Thoughts while in Fastrack and studying the Criminal Law of our Country. Firstly, all the trigger warnings from my side for this blog post, because the very origin of writing this Blog Post (very first) goes back in 2020. It may be enlightening and can be harsh at the same time. Since the current […]